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Privacy Policy


1. Every time you use this website, you will be subject to the Privacy Policy in effect and you should review this text each time you use our website to make sure you accept the terms.

2. Your personal information you provide to us will be processed and saved in a file under the responsibility of ALİ KEMAL AYDINLIOĞLU-PEONY COLLECTIVE ("PEONY") and for the following purposes:

I. Preparation, implementation and enforcement of the sales contract regarding the products you have purchased or any contract to be concluded between us.

II. To respond to your requests;

III. To inform you about PEONY or other brand products of ALİ KEMAL AYDINLIOĞLU Company with your consent, to develop and support business activities related to electronic commerce; making commercial notifications via email or similar electronic communication tools (such as SMS) or phone calls regarding the products mentioned above. If you are a registered user on our site, you can change your preferences regarding receiving such notifications and edit your preferences by logging into the MY ACCOUNT section of this website. You can also unsubscribe by going to the Newsletter tab.

IV.If you have given us personal information about third parties, you will be responsible for informing the person or persons in question about the processing and use of their personal information and obtaining their express consent for the use of such information for the purposes stated above. If you have purchased a product or gift card, the personal information of the third party provided by you will be used for the following purposes: (i) managing the shipment of the product subject to sale and checking the correct delivery (ii) any you or a third party may direct dealing with a question or suggestion.

V. If you have a Gift Coupon and you wish to return the product or products linked to this coupon through our website, the personal information provided by you will be used in the return form for the following purposes only; (a) managing the process of requesting the return and receiving the goods at the door, (b) fulfilling any request for the Gift Voucher or your requested return, (c) confirming that your return request has been accepted, and then return it via email or any other similar electronic means. Send the Store Credit Card with the amount.

If you choose to save your VI.Card information, you will need to state your explicit consent to use the information required to activate and use the card. The CVV number of the card will only be used for the sale made and will not be recorded as part of the card information or used at a later date. Activating this feature will automatically fill in your information for future purchases, and therefore you will not need to re-enter your card information in every new transaction, this information will be deemed valid and active for future purchases.

In the My Account Cards section, you will be able to change your cards at any time and withdraw your consent to make transactions with your card. PEONY stores and transfers card information in accordance with international basic confidentiality and security standards for credit and debit cards. Use of this feature may require you to change your password for security reasons. Please note that your security when using our website also depends on the protection and correct use of certain sensitive codes.
3. PEONY, registered at Beşyol Mahallesi Cami Sokak No: 16 Subaşı İş Merkezi Beşyol / Küçükçekmece as the data control officer of the file where your information is stored, keeps your personal information confidential to [email protected] e-mail address "Data Protection - ALİ KEMAL AYDINLIOĞLU-PEONY COLLECTIVE" It undertakes to ensure that you exercise your rights to access, correct, cancel and object to this information via an email message you send to its attention. If necessary, we may ask you to send us a copy of your ID card, passport or other valid identity document. As the subject of the information in question, you will also have the right to apply to the data control agency mentioned above to exercise your following rights:

To learn whether your personal information is being processed, − To learn for what purposes your information is processed and whether your information is used for those purposes,

Getting information about the transfer of your information to third parties in -Şahs qualifications and learning whether such information is transferred transferred out of Turkey,

If you think your personal information is incomplete or incorrectly processed, to request correction,

If you think that the purposes of processing your personal information have no longer existed, to request the deletion or destruction of such information,

Objecting to the negative consequences of processing your personal information by automatic means,

To claim compensation for any loss or damage you suffered as a result of the illegal processing of your information.

4.This information is carried out on our website to provide sufficient assurance to our users in our business activities (fraud investigations, invoice collection, membership and reward programs, technological service supply, financial transaction management, logistics services, shipping, order management and customer service and / or purchases. such as analysis of transactions) or to the subsidiary brands of ALİ KEMAL AYDINLIOĞLU-PEONY COLLECTIVE, if any, that assist us when necessary to process your shopping transactions. When you provide information on this website or to us, you expressly consent to the disclosure and processing of your information as specified by us.

5. The user (you) guarantees that the information given is true and correct and you undertake to notify us of any changes in this information. The user will be responsible for the damage or loss that our website, website manager or any third party may suffer due to incorrect, incomplete or incomplete information specified in the registration form.

6. Information about cookies: We use cookies on this website, which are small text files containing information obtained during your visit to the website and whose main purpose is to improve your experience of visiting the website. Please read on to learn more about the cookies we use, their purpose and other aspects that may be of interest to you.


In accordance with the above-mentioned requests, the reasoned positive / negative response can be made in written or digital media. If the transactions subject to the request require a cost, it is possible to charge a fee based on the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in accordance with Article 13 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.


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